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How To Calculate Gas Savings



  1. Enter the gas supplier's name. This is required in order to view the results. You are allowed to enter information for up to four different suppliers.
  2. Enter the total gas price offering from each supplier. For example, if the price is 65 cents per therm, enter $0.65.
  3. If the rate quote from the supplier does not include the balancing charge, add balancing charges to the quoted price.
  4. Enter your total natural gas usage (therms) for the past 12 months. If you do not have this number, please contact Washington Gas at (703) 750-1000.

    The average usage (therms) for residential customers in the Virginia is approximately 741 therms.

    Once you have completed these steps for each supplier, click the Calculate Savings button.

Supplier Name Supplier Total
Gas Price
Supplier 1:
Supplier 2:
Supplier 3:
Supplier 4:

Enter your usage(therms) for the previous 12 months: therms