New incentive program provides savings for builders, developers and property owners.

New program provides cost savings for multifamily developers and property owners

The Multifamily Incentive Program (MIP) is available to help lower first costs for developers in Maryland who choose individual-unit natural gas meters as the energy solution for their multifamily projects. Property owners and asset managers of existing apartment buildings with either full electricity or single-building gas meter(s) can also benefit from the Multifamily Incentive Program when they design and convert their buildings to individual-unit natural gas meters.

Before you begin planning and designing your next multifamily project or reposition your existing apartment building, consider partnering with Washington Gas. Your project may be eligible to receive a development incentive from Washington Gas to offset the cost of installing natural gas piping and venting from the outlet of each meter to every residence.


  • Upfront costs for new construction may be reduced substantially
  • Utility bill responsibility will be transferred from the owner/manager to the tenants for existing complex conversions
  • Tenants will be encouraged to conserve energy

Qualification Requirements

  • Project (apartment or condo) must be individually metered with four or more units
  • Must be located within the Maryland
  • Must be approved for the program after undergoing the required Washington Gas cost-benefit lifecycle evaluation
  • New construction applicants must be in the planning (pre-groundbreaking) stage of development
  • Conversion applicants must be for a building with either full electricity or single‑building gas meter(s)
  • Must agree to submit documentation of the internal piping installation cost upon completion of the work.

* Note: The Multifamily Incentive Program is available in Maryland. 

To learn more, click here and a Washington Gas representative will get in touch.

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