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Washington Gas supports the newly implemented Benchmarking initiatives in our service territory by providing aggregate energy use data to authorized Requestors.

Building owners (Requestor) or authorized parties must submit an approved Washington Gas Request for Aggregate Building Gas Consumption Data Form to facilitate requests for the historical gas consumption data of a building that has multiple, separately metered tenant accounts; and where the building owner is unable to obtain consumption data from all individual tenants (Washington Gas customers). Washington Gas must protect the confidentiality of customer information; therefore, it will provide aggregate consumption data to the Requestor under the following terms:

  1. A building must have five (5) or more individually metered gas accounts. Requests for aggregate consumption data on buildings with four (4) or less individually metered accounts require the written consent of each Washington Gas customer. Washington Gas reserves the right to deny requests for consumption data if it determines that Washington Gas customer privacy would not be protected.
  2. The Requestor must provide to Washington Gas complete information to identify each gas meter servicing the building. A Meter Number for each gas meter is acceptable if individual Washington Gas customer account numbers are not available. The street address of the building is not acceptable, as it may not identify all gas accounts in the building.
  3. Washington Gas will provide consumption data for each of the gas meters listed on the form, for the service period specified by the Requestor (up to three (3) calendar years of historical data). The Requestor is responsible for the identification of all gas meters serving the building. Consumption data will be provided by Washington Gas without information that would identify individual Washington Gas customers.
  4. Washington Gas will endeavor to respond to this request within ten (10) business days; however, response time may vary depending on the volume of data requests and available resources. The data file will be in a CSV file format and will be e-mailed to the Requestor as the preferred method of delivery.

A completed Washington Gas Request for Aggregate Building Gas Consumption Data Form may be submitted the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Mail:
    Washington Gas Light Company - Consumer Services
    Customer Billing and Revenue Management
    6801 Industrial Road
    Springfield, VA 22151
  • Fax: 703-750-4441

Individual signed requests for less than four (4) units will be processed through the following email: or