Choose Natural Gas and Save

Only natural gas equipment can provide your business with the reliable service, superior performance and cost-effective benefits your commercial business needs.  With the high-demand, energy -intensive nature of most commercial operations, natural gas is the environmentally-responsible way to get the reliability and performance your business requires – at a lower cost. 


  • Natural gas commercial equipment costs up to half as much to operate as electric, oil and propane alternatives, saving businesses significant costs in operating expenses.
  • Natural gas is reliable. Since natural gas service continues during power outages, a natural gas backup generator system is the perfect solution for securing power supply and continuing operations during extreme weather.
  • High-efficiency natural gas equipment is better for the environment than electric alternatives. With natural gas, business facilities can meet emerging energy standards, reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainability goals.
  • High-efficiency natural gas equipment positively impacts commercial building performance. Market studies have shown that buildings with above average energy performance have higher occupancy rates, command higher rents and sell at a premium when compared to similar buildings.
  • Natural gas can be used for onsite electricity generation to meet electrical and thermal energy needs for both heating and cooling to help energy-intensive customers reduce energy costs and harmful emissions.

    Call Washington Gas at (877) 639-8170 to receive a free energy consultation and learn how natural gas can benefit your facility. To have a commercial account manager contact you, complete the form below. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. This is what our partners have to say about partnering with Washington Gas.

"The natural gas service provided by Washington Gas helps Holy Cross Germantown Hospital operate a LEED Gold facility to better serve our patients. Holy Cross Health looks forward to a strong relationship with Washington Gas for years to come."

— ANNICE CODY President, Holy Cross Health Network

"Carmeuse decided to use natural gas as the primary fuel because it is efficient, clean and cost-effective. The plant will be able to produce more lime with natural gas as a fuel. Since natural gas is relatively clean-burning, Carmeuse will produce a lime quality that will exceed our customer requirements. Plus, natural gas is currently a very good economic choice. The cost of the commodity is competitive, and Washington Gas has been very helpful with the necessary infrastructure."

— MELDA AL KHALILI Energy Buyer, Carmeuse Lime and Stone

"I’ve worked with the same Washington Gas representatives on several projects throughout Montgomery County and Prince George’s County and Washington Gas has been great to work with. No matter who I call or email, I always get a quick response, answers to all my questions and instructions on moving forward."

— KEITH PREDDIE Lead Engineer, Dexter and Associates

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