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With a natural gas patio heater, you and your family can enjoy your outdoor deck or patio even when the temperatures get chilly in early spring and late fall. Get gentle, sun-like warmth with patio heaters.

Infrared burners, emitter screens and reflector domes direct uniform, radiant heat downward to warm people and objects, not the air-between. Natural gas patio heaters help you control the temperature on your deck or patio and are the perfect complement to natural gas grills and heated spas and pools, allowing you to treat your guests to a backyard retreat.

Size and Location:

  • The warmth from a patio heater can cover a 12-to-25-foot area. Choose a model that's best suited to how you'll be entertaining.
  • Near cooking and eating areas or by a pool or spa—where gas piping often already exists—are popular choices.

Ignition and Burners:

  • Models with adjustable burners and piezo ignitions light with the turn of a knob and give you more control over the heating output.
  • Individual remote control switches provide instant ignition.


  • Some models have shut-off systems that automatically turn the unit off in winds of 10 mph or more.

Installation and Mounting Types:

  • Natural gas patio heater options include permanent post, portable post (with a flexible gas line and quick connection) and suspended mountings are great for smaller spaces because they can be permanently mounted out of the way.

Experience life with natural gas

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It is important to have your gas appliance installed, inspected and serviced by a licensed professional.

We recommend that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed trade professional to install your natural gas appliances. Also, remember to inquire about financing options and rebate and incentive savings on high-efficiency products.

To find a contractor, please enter your zip code below and select an appliance.


Please note: Washington Gas does not guarantee dealers’ and/or installers’ work and recommends that you check references.


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