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Digging Safety: Respect the Marks

Promoting safety through lines on the sidewalk


One of the leading causes of gas leaks are damages to underground gas lines caused by digging, boring and directional drilling.

Homeowners may not be aware - but they need to call 811 each and every time they dig; even if it is to add a rosebush or mailbox. 

One of the ways homeowners and contractors can prepare for digging projects is to pay close attention to the markings on the sidewalk. 

What do the various colored markings in the street mean?

The various colored markings throughout the neighborhood are done by Miss Utility. They mark the location of all utilities (e.g., sewer, water, electric, gas, etc.). The paint is temporary, solvent, biodegradable and either chalk or water based. They do not indicate where the crews will be digging –  but simply let the crews know where all utilities are located underground.  It is the law that Washington Gas has to call Miss Utility and have all the utilities marked.

 APWA Uniform Color Code: 

For more information, visit the Miss Utility website.

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