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Spring Tips To Save Money and Energy

On average, Americans spend about $2,000 annually on energy bills, $200 to $400 going to waste from drafts, air leaks around openings and outdated heating and cooling systems alone.

Save money and improve the comfort of your home by becoming more efficient with these energy-saving tips from Washington Gas.


  • Invest in ENERGY STAR Appliances: Upgrade to ENERGY STAR household appliances. Appliances account for about 15% of your household’s energy consumption with refrigerators, clothes washers and clothes dryers at the top of the list. Increase savings even further by using a Washington Gas rebate for the purchase of a new ENERGY STAR certified gas clothes dryer.

  • Install a Smart Thermostat: Smart thermostats automatically adjust heating and cooling temperature settings in your home, resulting in more efficient heating and cooling performance and enhanced comfort. Smart thermostats can use geofencing to detect when you are either home or away and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. Smart thermostats also offer the convenience of adjusting your home’s temperature remotely through your smartphone.






  • Upgrade Your Heating System: Heating your home typically uses more energy than anything else in your house. According to the Department of Energy, 43% of the energy used in an average home is for heating. Home heating equipment typically last about 15 years, depending on the model.  You can reduce your heating bill by upgrading your existing heating equipment to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler. Rebates are available through Washington Gas for qualifying furnaces, boilers and boiler reset controls.

  • Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Water Heater: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, water heating is the second largest energy expense in today’s homes, accounting for around 13% of your overall energy usage. Water heaters typically lasts 10 to 15 years, depending on the model, and installing an energy efficient water heater can help save money on utility bills all year round. Washington Gas offers Maryland residents rebates on qualifying high efficiency storage and tankless water heaters to help save on equipment costs.


  • Seal Air Leaks and Add Insulation: Most homes can benefit from air sealing and additional insulation to reduce drafts and keep heated or conditioned air from escaping the house year-round.  Air that leaks into and out through your home’s building envelope (i.e. outer walls, windows, doors and other openings) wastes energy and increases your utility bill each month. In addition to making your home more comfortable, air sealing and insulation can also reduce noise and the introduction of allergens into the home, control humidity and reduce the chance of roof leaks from ice or snow.

  • Start sealing those gaps by applying weather-stripping to windows and doors. Speak with an insulation contractor to identify opportunities for your home. You can also find out what areas need insulation and where you are losing heat with a thermal camera from Montgomery County Public Libraries. Install Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors: Replacing the windows in your home can be an expensive home improvement, but the overall return on investment makes it worth it. ENERGY STAR estimates that certified windows and doors can reduce your energy bill by up to 15%.


  • Complete Online Home Energy Profile: Taking the Profile can assist with discovering your home’s cost savings potential. The personalized survey can help you understand your energy use and provide an energy ranking, savings estimate and personalized recommendations for your home. The Online Home Energy Profile takes five minutes to complete. No sign-up is required, and you’ll also find information about high efficiency rebates available from Washington Gas.

  • Save Even More Money. Get a Rebate from Washington Gas! Take advantage of these tips and save even more with high efficiency rebates from Washington Gas. Through the Washington Gas Maryland Existing Home Program, Maryland customers can take advantage of natural gas equipment rebates. To qualify, eligible equipment must be purchased and installed by a qualified participating contractor in the Washington Gas EmPOWER Contractor Network. Learn more about the Maryland Washington Gas residential rebates program here

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