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A round-up of inventive, quirky housewares

Eight Inventive Eco-friendly Housewares

What hip, quirky products will help you live greener this year?

Here are some of our favorite finds, from permanent coffee capsules to home-grown furniture. Take a look!

1. Perfect Pod Eco-Fill coffee capsules. Many are concerned with the environmental impact of Keurig K-Cup coffee pods, including their own inventor. These reusable K-Cups look-a-likes will let you brew coffee in a much cheaper and more eco-friendly way using your Keurig machine.

2. CoverBlubber food saver. This food-storage solution is like next level plastic wrap. Available in four sizes and colors, it’s a heavy-duty layer of FDA-approved StickyRubber™ that conforms to any shape, sealing airtight over cut produce or package openings.

3. (Re)zips reusable storage baggies. Tired of throwing away so many Ziploc bags? Try these reusable versions from BlueAvocado, available in ½ cup and one cup sizes. Their flat-bottomed shape makes for easy loading and cleaning, and they are freezer-friendly.

4. Rickshaw Zero urban messenger bag. These bags, custom-made in San Francisco, are designed to optimize fabric use, minimize industrial waste and shorten the supply chain by using domestic materials. Plus they look cool and you can pick your own colors.

5. Carpenter wooden watch. Analog Watch Co. plants a tree for every one of these beautiful wooden watches sold. Industrial designer Lorenzo Buffa uses seven different types of wood to create various versions of this simple, lightweight, wearable art.

6. Woolly Pockets gardening containers. These large “plant pockets” made of recycled plastic bottles are flexible, foldable and can sit anywhere. Because the containers are breathable, the roots prune themselves inside the soil when they sense air.

7. Rendem Room4Eight table. This elegant, height-adjustable table, along with the other pieces in the Rendem series, is certified by Cradle to Cradle®, which means that “all parts are reusable without quality-losses and free of toxins.”

8. Grow-your-own stool. Christopher Cattle’s trick of grafting saplings together and cultivating them into the shape of a stool has won him international attention. It takes five years to grow one, which might seem impractical, but nothing could be greener.

Inventive, eco-friendly items are becoming more and more popular. Keep your eyes peeled for creative finds for your home and garden.


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