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Programs and Solutions: 8A Housing

Natural gas can play a vital role in providing cost-effective, energy-efficient improvements in the multifamily affordable housing segment. Also, energy retrofits unlock a range of benefits for building residents by bringing direct energy savings to those most in need. Whether you’re a representative of an affordable housing group, a builder focused on new construction or a property owner with tenants, there is a natural gas solution to meet your energy needs. 


Washington Gas works with key decision makers of affordable housing to provide cost-effective energy solutions. Our Engineered Sales Team will plan and evaluate building equipment energy needs and provide custom energy services to support natural gas as the first choice for affordable, reliable and clean energy in affordable housing.



  • Associations, builders and developers, mechanical and energy engineers of new
    and existing multifamily affordable housing
  • Affordable multifamily complex owners and managers looking to retrofit their properties
    and make them more energy-efficient



  • Completion of energy-efficient retrofits can ensure the long-term viability of existing affordable housing by generating significant operating savings that can be reinvested into the building, supporting future operations and/or capital improvement work.
  • Retrofits help improve the health, safety and comfort of building residents, including improved indoor environmental quality. Energy retrofits also support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction in building systems and typical annual appliance operation and maintenance costs, plus reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.
  • Utility-sponsored rebate programs to encourage energy-efficiency practices and to reduce the first costs of natural gas appliances.
  • Natural gas earns LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits through:

  Highly efficient equipment

Heat recovery technology that exceeds standard installation efficiencies

Reduced energy and water use

Lower operating costs

Being an environmentally-friendly fuel

  • Supports the upfront capital investment in natural gas appliances based on a lower life-cycle cost (LCC) of natural gas equipment.
  • Complimentary engineering services offered by Washington Gas could reflect a reduction in project energy studies’ bid hours and costs.
  • Washington Gas representatives with the technical skills to understand project requirements and work with end-users and building industry professionals to present energy-efficient building equipment and energy options.
  • Access to technical engineers who offer custom piping design and technical services to encourage individual tenant gas meters.
  • Strong relationships with trade allies in residential and commercial segments allow Washington Gas to work directly with manufacturers to co-promote cost-saving incentives and provide technical guidance on technical solutions needed for multifamily housing projects.



Qualifications Requirements:

  1. Planned project or existing building, industrial & commercial, multifamily or residential buildings.
  2. For existing structures, submission of one year of energy bills is preferred.
  3. For planned commercial structures, submission of an engineering equipment operations study is preferred.


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