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Businesses can reduce their natural gas use, save money on utility bills while preserving the environment with Washington Gas commercial rebates.

Programs and Solutions: Savings on Energy Efficient Equipment for Your Business

The Programs

Virginia homeowners are eligible to take the Online Home Energy Profile to learn more about how you can save energy and money in residential homes and potentially receive an energy conservation kit. There are currently no commercial rebate programs available to Virginia businesses at this time.

Washington Gas participates in the EmPower Maryland Initiative – helping businesses throughout Maryland reduce energy consumption with rebates on high-efficiency natural gas equipment including boiler systems, water and space heating and food service. The incentives are offered to existing Maryland businesses, new business construction projects and custom projects.

As part of the program, incentives are available for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency equipment. Maryland business owners are eligible to receive commercial rebates to offset upfront costs on equipment extending up to $150,000 per customer per year. Utilizing high-efficiency natural gas products reduces day-to-day operational costs, increases comfort and demonstrates sustainability and a dedication to environmental responsibility.

Application Process

Maryland businesses are required to apply for pre-approval before beginning a project. All applications are submitted via an online portal. Once approved, a licensed contractor is required to install the equipment.


Eligible Appliances

Only current and prospective customers of Washington Gas with valid Maryland account numbers will be eligible for rebates. All equipment must be new and meet all designated requirements. Used equipment or equipment not meeting program and/or technical requirements is not eligible for incentives. Existing equipment must be removed and may not be reinstalled within the Washington Gas service territory or anywhere in the State of Maryland. A licensed contractor must install all products for rebate eligibility, except for thermostats.


Learn more about qualifying equipment and additional information on Washington Gas high-efficiency natural gas equipment rebates here.  

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