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Programs and Solutions: Economic Development

Developers, builders, urban planners, engineers, energy policy makers and economists understand the value that natural gas–based energy solutions bring to our region’s local economy. From large multi-phased and mixed-use development projects to public sector facilities, natural gas serves as the affordable, reliable, sustainable foundational energy choice. WGL has over 150 years of experience serving the Washington, D.C., region and portfolio of services—spanning traditional and renewable—to deliver the right energy answer for residential, commercial, campus and government customers.

WGL’s economic development initiative is focused on supporting regional growth and prosperity through the improvement of our region’s energy security, infrastructure, transportation, housing and economic resiliency. A robust natural gas infrastructure is critical to meeting these needs. Partnering with the public and private sector, WGL is committed to fostering regional economic growth through serving the energy needs of our community. We thrive on forging innovative partnerships that meet both the need to foster a more sustainable community and encourage economic growth across the Washington region. Forward-thinking energy solutions play an integral role in WGL’s economic development initiatives and overall growth strategy.



  • Developers, builders, urban planners, engineers, energy policy makers, government officials and economists



  • Support critical infrastructure and build resilience with sustainable, dependable energy solutions that meet your project's specific needs.
  • View energy as an asset with customized energy solutions that bring cost savings and opportunities for other expenditure use.
  • With a reliable and affordable natural gas infrastructure, your project will increase cost effectiveness, improve efficiency and guarantee resiliency.
  • Distributed Impact solutions help organizations navigate fluctuating energy markets, effectively plan energy spend, stay connected in times of crisis and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Distributed Energy systems heat and cool buildings using fewer energy sources than conventional boilers and chillers. The energy savings come from higher overall efficiency, utilization of waste heat and taking advantage of renewable energy (such as wind or solar thermal).

Stories & News


Customer Story: Toll Brothers

Since 2006, Washington Gas has worked with Toll Brothers to supply natural gas to its communities.


Customer Story: HP Hood

One of the largest U.S. dairy operators implemented an energy management and cost-reduction system using natural gas.

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