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Programs and Solutions: Master Meter Conversion

If you own or manage a multifamily complex with a single building gas meter or have underground gas piping facilities on your customer houseline, consider converting your property to individual unit gas meters. Individual unit gas meters give your residents the ability to control their own energy usage, and transfer operating costs from your business to your customer while encouraging tenants to conserve energy. They will also allow you to streamline your property operations if you’re currently managing underground piping.

If you’re interested in converting your property to individual unit gas meters, Washington Gas can help.

We will review the current gas facilities on your property, evaluate your options and assist you with engineering new metering designs to offer your residents the benefits of energy-efficient natural gas. It’s that easy. The consultation is completed for you at no cost.



  • Apartment Owners and Property Managers



  • Your customers will experience greater comfort, convenience and substantial savings on utility costs throughout the year. In addition to costing less to operate, high-efficiency natural gas appliances are better for the environment.
  • When residents are responsible for paying their own utility bills, they are motivated to use energy conservatively. Individual unit gas meters can improve the energy efficiency of older multifamily apartment buildings.
  • Property managers and owners receive complimentary education and training throughout the lifecycle of the project. Property managers and owners also receive experienced consultation on equipment options that best meet tenants’ needs.
  • Individual unit gas meters allow owners to turn energy efficiency into a competitive advantage by lowering their carbon footprint and appealing to environmentally-conscious tenants or buyers.
  • There’s no additional operating cost to property owners, as Washington Gas owns, operates, inspects and maintains all gas equipment and piping up to the outlet of each meter.
  • Washington Gas offers programs to reduce up-front cost for upgrades.

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