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Programs and Solutions: Small Commercial

If you are looking to add or replace a natural gas appliance in a commercial property that requires a total of 1.5 MBTus or less—the Washington Gas Sales Team is here to help. We are available to discuss your business’ energy needs and guide you through each step of the process.



  • Commercial property owners
  • Builders of commercial projects



  • Your commercial property will benefit from having reliable, affordable and efficient natural gas.
  • Washington Gas offers a wide range of commercial incentives to help minimize equipment and installation costs, such as our commercial rebates.
  • High-efficiency natural gas appliances are better for the environment.
  • Washington Gas can help you cut your largest operating expense by recommending energy-efficient natural gas products.


Installation Process

  • Washington Gas does not sell or install appliances, nor do we run internal house lines. If you are adding an appliance at an existing property, you will need to contact an HVAC contractor to determine cost and feasibility of converting your existing equipment to natural gas or adding a new natural gas appliance.
  • Find the required service request and added load forms.
  • Submit the required paperwork to Please ensure the paperwork is complete and lists all anticipated gas equipment, their corresponding MBTu rating and required gas pressure.
  • If you do not currently have gas service at the premises, a site plan, property plat and/or dimensional sketch, including meter location, is required. This is not only necessary for measuring gas service distance but is required by the local jurisdictions for obtaining the gas installation permit.
  • Once complete, Washington Gas performs a 30-year cost-benefit analysis of the project per our governing tariff.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive a customer commitment letter from Washington Gas.
  • Sign and return the commitment letter, along with required contribution, if any.
  • Washington Gas applies for all necessary permits and permissions.
  • A Washington Gas underground contractor will contact you to schedule gas line installation.
  • Upon completion of the underground gas service, call Washington Gas Customer Service at 844-WASHGAS and request a gas meter.
  • The gas lines within the property (houseline) must be inspected by the proper code authority of the jurisdiction. Your installer must also tie the houseline into the meter bar. Please note: Not all projects require a gas service upgrade. If your existing service is able to handle the added load, you may only require a meter upgrade or split system installation.

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