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Builders and property owners of multifamily projects in Virginia can have their upfront costs lowered with new piping program

Virginia Multifamily Piping Program

New piping program provides savings for Virginia builders, developers and property owners

The Virginia Multifamily Piping Pilot Program* was created to help lower first costs for builders and developers who choose efficient, comfortable, safe and reliable natural gas as the primary energy solution in their multifamily projects. Property owners and managers of existing apartment buildings with either full electricity or single-building gas meter(s) can also benefit from the Virginia Multifamily Piping Pilot Program when they convert their buildings to individual tenant-controlled natural gas meters.

Before you build your next multifamily project or remodel your existing apartment building(s), consider partnering with Washington Gas. Your project may be eligible to receive a contribution to offset the cost of installing natural gas piping and venting from the outlet of each meter to every residence. Reimbursement amounts will vary by project but may include up to the total cost of installing only internal natural gas piping and venting. With this program, not only will you receive a reimbursement for your investment, your tenants will receive value.


  • Upfront costs may be reduced substantially.
  • Utility bill responsibility will be transferred from the owner/manager to the tenants.
  • Tenants will be encouraged to conserve energy.

Qualification Requirements

  • Project (apartment or condo) must be individually metered with four or more units.
  • Project must be located within the Washington Gas Virginia service territory.
  • Project must be approved for the program after undergoing the required Washington Gas cost-benefit lifecycle evaluation.
  • Project must be in the planning (pre-groundbreaking) stage of development.
  • Customers must agree to submit documentation of the cost of the internal piping and venting installation upon completion of the work.

*Note: The Virginia Multifamily Piping Pilot Program is only available for a limited amount of time with limited funds available.

To learn more about this program, simply fill out the form below and a Washington Gas team member will get in touch.  

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