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A Win-Win with The Multifamily Incentive Program

A Win-Win with The Multifamily Incentive Program

A Win-Win with The Multifamily Incentive Program

As more multifamily developers, owners and property managers turn to individual-unit natural gas meters, it’s important they are supported by the expertise needed to make the project successful. One company, BTT Management, has experienced how a partnership with Washington Gas can make a difference for their business and tenants alike.

BTT Management is an apartment rental and property management agency serving Takoma Park, Maryland and the surrounding area. The apartment units and buildings they manage vary in size and amenities to serve a wide range of rental needs. One critical feature many renters look for in their search is the availability of individual unit natural gas meters. Deric Tomenko, Managing Partner of BTT Management sees the mutual benefit to both his customers and his business.

“Individual metering is really a win-win for both sides,” he said. 

On the customer side, tenants are given complete control over their utilities, which in turn helps attract renters for the potential cost savings. Tenants with individual metering also tend to be more conscious of their energy use, leading to greater efficiency and less environmental impact. For BTT Management and other businesses, individual metering removes the uncertainty and fluctuations they experience when managing natural gas bills for multiple units or whole buildings.

One of BTT Management’s properties, a six-unit building constructed in the 1950s, has always had natural gas service, but faced issues with outdated heating and high costs due to its age. While the benefits of using individual-unit gas meters are evident, finding a skilled and reliable partner to manage the transition is not always as simple. 

So, when Deric received a Washington Gas mailer promoting its Multifamily Incentive Program that reduces the upfront cost to convert to individual-unit natural gas meters, he decided to reach out for more information. His contacts at Washington Gas were knowledgeable and efficient, working with him to outline a cost-effective, individual-unit metering plan. Within just a few days, Deric received estimates for the project and was surprised at the attractive incentive amount his company would receive. 

Washington Gas’s Multifamily Incentive Program benefits developers, owners and property managers of new and existing multifamily properties looking to design or convert to individual-unit natural gas meters. Multifamily projects of all kinds may be eligible for conversion incentives, if the property has four or more units. Incentive amounts vary by project and are based on the property location and Washington Gas’ cost-benefit lifecycle evaluation results. However, eligible funds could potentially cover houseline installation costs completely – resulting in significant savings. Sold on the benefits of the program for BTT Management’s building, Deric decided to partner with Washington Gas. 

His contacts at Washington Gas maintained communication as the project got underway, keeping Deric informed throughout the process. The building conversion went off without a hitch. Better yet, in BTT Management’s case, the project did not require residents to be disturbed or relocated during the installation. In the end, the company saved roughly 18% on the conversion cost by partnering with Washington Gas. 

“The process was very straightforward,” Deric recalled. “It made things easier for me.”

The benefits and savings of the Multifamily Incentive Program make individual-unit metering an easy choice for your business. Washington Gas is ready to partner with you and create gas solutions for better living.

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