Washington Gas: Committed to Regional Workforce Training and Development

Washington Gas: Committed to Regional Workforce Training and Development

Creating Careers in the Community
By Blue Jenkins, President of Washington Gas
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Washington Gas provides training and workforce skills development that lead to solid job opportunities and careers in energy and construction across the DC-region.

Offering the tools, resources, and expertise to our hometown community helps build a well-qualified workforce to meet community needs, enables successful careers and paves the path to a stronger future for residents across our region. We are proud to be partners in several regional programs and contribute to the training and workshops that shape the next generation of energy workers:

DC Infrastructure Academy (DCIA): As infrastructure emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country, Mayor Muriel Bowser launched the DCIA in 2018, at the Department of Employment Services, to build the skillsets required for infrastructure jobs in Washington, D.C.  DCIA coordinates, trains, screens, and recruits District residents to position them for careers in infrastructure with leading companies in a high-demand field.

Goodwill of Greater Washington: Washington Gas is the sole corporate sponsor of the Energy & Construction Career Training Program led by Goodwill of Greater Washington focused on the Virginia job market. The program was launched in 2021 to address critical work shortages in the area, prepare a base of qualified workers, and increase access to employment in sustainable careers across the energy and construction industries.

Virginia Tech University (VA Tech): In 2021, our partnership began as part of the Virginia Department of Education’s ‘17th career cluster’, the latest in a job-training series supported by the Virginia General Assembly that covers a variety of fields for students. For this energy industry-focused program, we joined with VA Tech DC Metro Area STEM Education and Workforce Development Labs to supply the resources for those interested in academic pursuits and/or jobs in energy and STEM, including training the teachers who mentor students.

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