Permanent abandonment of gas service

Permanent abandonment is required if you anticipate that you will not use gas for a year or more. This entails Washington Gas permanently disconnecting the gas line running to your home/project at the main, which is often located in the street and will therefore require Washington Gas to obtain the necessary permit(s) before the work can be started. This will be done at no cost to you. However, should you choose to use gas again in the future you may be required to make a financial contribution. If this option is chosen Washington Gas will issue a “Razing” letter, verifying Washington Gas’s completion of the permanent abandonment of the service. This letter may be required by local permitting authorities before a demolition permit will be issued for the property. Furthermore, the “Razing” letter is essential verification to customers that their gas service has been permanently abandoned and no longer presents a safety hazard or impediment to tear down of their structures.


Temporary disconnect at the property line.

Temporary abandonment is appropriate if you anticipate that you will resume gas service within one year of the disconnection of your service. If you choose this option, Washington Gas will temporarily disconnect the gas service to the property in question by digging up and capping off the gas service line at the point where the service line enters the customer’s private property. While this temporary disconnection is performed at no cost, you may be required to make a financial contribution to re-connect and restore service. This option also results in the receipt of a “Razing” letter from Washington Gas.


Confirm there is no gas service at the property via site inspection.

This option should be selected if you believe there is no gas service to your property, or to the structure on your property which will be demolished. Selecting this option will result in an inspection by a Washington Gas technician, performed at no cost to you, to verify that there is no active gas piping which may present a safety hazard or impediment to tear down of the structure(s). Subject to the outcome of this inspection, a “Razing” letter will be issued.

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