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Transportation Solutions

Natural Gas Vehicles

Driving Change with Natural Gas

Get on the road to a cleaner world with natural gas vehicles (NGVs). These vehicles are growing in popularity for their business cost savings as well as their low environmental impact. Even heavy duty NGVs meet current EPA emissions standards, unlike diesel engines, all while operating more quietly for less noise pollution.

NGVs run on compressed natural gas (CNG), a clean and affordable alternative to gasoline and diesel. Since natural gas is nontoxic and noncorrosive, this fuel won’t harm soil or water and dissipates seamlessly into the air.

Today, more and more vehicles are being manufactured to run solely on CNG or in conjunction with gasoline/diesel; you can even convert your current car to run on natural gas! Take advantage of NGVs and do your part for the planet every time your drive. 

Fuel Up with Washington Gas

You can access CNG at one of our three public fueling stations in the Washington, D.C. area, open 24/7 and accepting all major credit and fuel cards.

 Fuel Type Station Name  Street Address  City  State  Zip Code  Access Days Time
Washington Gas  1800 N Market St  Frederick  MD  21701  24 hours daily
CNG Washington Gas  7685 Penn Belt Dr  Forestville  MD  20747  24 hours daily
CNG Washington Gas  4000 Forestville Rd  Forestville  MD  20747  24 hours daily


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