Michelle Musgrove

Michelle Musgrove


Michelle MusgroveVice President, Customer Experience, WGL

Michelle Musgrove is Vice President of Customer Experience.  In this role, she is responsible for delivering on the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Ms. Musgrove oversees the company’s customer facing functions, including the customer contact center, billing, and account management (residential, commercial and industrial).  

Ms. Musgrove brings more than 20 years of specialized marketing experience to WGL, including marketing strategy, segmentation, multi-cultural marketing, loyalty program management, relationship management, and customer experience management. Bringing a passion for customer experience, she is accomplished in organization planning, strategy, governance, measurement, human-centered design practices, and 'Voice of the Customer' program management. Ms. Musgrove’s leadership approach emphasizes aligning strategy to the organization's brand promise and providing employees with the skills and motivation to support an overall vision.

Prior to joining WGL, Ms. Musgrove served as Senior Vice President of AARP's experience function, where she led the organization through a customer experience transformation, supporting the customer experience management function's launch with a focus on change management and experience redesign. Before her role at AARP, she led successful marketing programs at AOL, American Express, and JP Morgan Chase. 

Ms. Musgrove received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The University of California at Berkeley.

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