Washington Gas does not recommend that customers shut off natural gas service to their homes or businesses as a preventive or preparatory action in the event of an emergency. Washington Gas’ natural gas distribution system is divided into sections so that, in the event of an emergency, sections can be isolated from the rest of the system and shut down for repairs or as a safety precaution. If for any reason customers do shut off gas service to their homes or businesses, they should call us at 844-WASHGAS to restore service.


To shut off or restore service: 844-WASHGAS (844-927-4427)

Emergency Turn-Off

In an emergency, we may turn off your natural gas service without notice. 

We also do this if the gas meter has been tampered with or if there has been a violation of federal, state or local safety codes. We restore service as soon as possible, but if safety violations exist, your gas equipment must be repaired before service is restored.

Customers should not attempt to restore natural gas service themselves. Customers who wish to have natural gas service to their home or business either shut off or restored should contact Washington Gas at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427).

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