Natural Gas Conversion for Commercial Businesses

Every commercial property has its own unique energy needs. While natural gas reduces operating costs and improves both efficiency and reliability for all businesses, it also offers a wide range of equipment options that can add individualized value, from the customer experience to your bottom line.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Natural gas commercial equipment costs up to half as much to operate as electrical systems, saving businesses significant costs in water heating, food preparation, climate control and more.

  • Natural gas is reliable. You’ll be able to maintain operations during extreme weather with natural gas backup generator systems. Since gas stays on during power outages, a natural gas backup generator will ensure your business has continuous power.

  • Washington Gas offers a wide range of commercial rebates to help minimize your equipment costs.

  • High-efficiency natural gas appliances are better for the environment than electrical alternatives.

  • Natural gas equipment is up to twice as efficient as electrical alternatives, yielding savings and operational efficiency.

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