For contractors, single meters and for larger projects with multiple meters that need to be set, email the Meter Set Process Form to the Contractor Services Desk at

Please be advised it may take up to seven days to set the meter. Prior to meter set, please make sure the following items are completed so it will not cause a delay in your scheduled appointment.

Prior to setting the meter:

  • Gas service, rack and/or meter bar must be installed.
  • The interior gas piping (house line) must be connected to the meter bar.
  • Pressure reducing regulators must be installed on 2psi house lines.
  • All interior gas lines must be valved and capped.
  • The interior gas piping must pass a county/city inspection (1st and/or 2nd if applicable) and the inspection tag must be located on-site.
  • The permanent address should be affixed to the home with lot number visible in yard and/or county permit displayed in the front window.
  • Building must be unlocked and provide safe access.

For conversion customers, to request a single meter for conversion projects, go to the Conversion Process webpage, and click on and fill out the Meter Set Form highlighted in blue in the Schedule All Installations accordion.

Once you email your completed form to Contractor Services, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your request.

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