A home with natural gas appliances is more efficient and comfortable.

Natural gas costs less to operate than electricity, oil and propane. Get hot water twice as fast for less than half the cost with a gas water heater. Cook meals for 50% less using natural gas compared to electric cook tops. Enjoy the beauty and convenience of a gas fireplace. And experience the reliable power of a natural gas generator. Explore a range of natural gas appliances below.

 If you're already a Washington Gas customer and would like to add, replace or upgrade a natural gas appliance, please follow/have your contractor follow these steps to ensure proper installation:

  1. Verify the total BTU input rating for existing appliance(s), as well as for the appliances being added and/or replaced.
  2. Verify gas pressure requirements suggested by the manufacturer for the appliance(s) being added and/or replaced.
  3. Determine if a split meter would be the right application for installation.
  4. Complete and submit the Added Load/Split Meter Request Form.

Once these four steps have been completed, Washington Gas will confirm one of the following scenarios:

  1. The meter build-up and service line are sufficient. You can add or replace the appliances submitted with the existing Washington Gas setup in place.
  2. The meter build-up needs to be modified but the service line capacity and location is adequate. The Washington Gas above ground contractor will schedule the modification of the meter build-up.
  3. The service line size does not have sufficient capacity for the added load. A project # called a BCA / Business Case Authorization # will be created for the service upgrade and the job will be assigned to a Sales Representative. 
  4. The service line is adequate in capacity, but the customer has requested to relocate the service line or meter build-up. The relocation estimate will be completed at a charge, which can be used toward the total relocation cost. Once the relocation estimate is paid and relocation is completed, any meter build-up modification will be done soon after by the Washington Gas above ground contractor. 

For each of the scenarios above other than #1, Washington Gas may require a contribution to perform the work, which will be disclosed before any work is performed.


Cost Comparison Source: Operating Costs Chart

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