Whether planning a remodeling project or upgrading appliances, when it comes to natural gas products, homeowners know and trust Washington Gas contractors.

The Trade Relations department serves as our liaison to the local trade community, participating in area trade association events, meetings and trainings. Serving as the primary contact for plumbers and HVAC contractors, the Trade Relations department provides support with converting homes to natural gas, upgrading appliances and gas solutions for the residential community.

With approximately 1.1 million residential customers, Washington Gas provides vast opportunities for contractors to connect with audiences through the Residential Campaign. The Washington Gas Residential Campaign provides a premier outlet for contractors to promote clean and efficient natural gas products and services.

In addition to the Residential Campaign, Washington Gas identifies licensed contractors to join our Conversion Contractor Program through a rigorous application and interview process.

Learn more about the benefits of the Residential Campaign and Conversion Contractor Program.

  • Residential Campaign

    Program Benefits:

    • Manufacturer participants form co-branded partnerships with Washington Gas to offer appliance incentives and training opportunities.
    • Contractor participants stay informed of the latest industry updates, appliance rebates and more.
    • Contractor participants also attend Washington Gas-sponsored training seminars.
    • Contractor participants receive one-on-one assistance with natural gas projects from the Washington Gas Sales team.
    • Campaign participants take advantage of co-branded opportunities and Washington Gas-sponsored print and online advertising.

    Program Requirements:

    • Must have a licensed business for a minimum of five years with a proven track record
    • Must pull permits in all appropriate jurisdictions
    • Must sell, service and install the product areas selected for advertisement
    • Must be willing to submit license and insurance information
    • Must not have conflicting message within name (ex: electric, energy, propane, oil, etc.)
    • Must have a showroom for customers to view the following appliances: gas fireplaces, dryers, ranges, outdoor products


    Learn more about the Residential Campaign.

    Additional Resources: Contractor Confidentiality Agreement

  • Conversion Contractor Program

    Program Benefits:

    • Program participants receive site visits and basic training from Washington Gas.
    • In conjunction with the Trade Relations department, conversion contractors receive specially-designed outreach projects.
    • Program participants are viewed as preferred contractors and an extension of the Washington Gas Sales team.
    • Receiving sales leads, conversion contractors serve as natural gas appliance experts for residential customers.

    Program Requirements:

    • Must offer free in-home consultations 
    • Must offer financing
    • Must make every effort to resolve any customer complaints promptly
    • Must offer written proposals/contracts to customers that state all fees
    • Offer warranties on parts and labor
    • Must be interviewed by panel


    Apply for the Conversion Contractor Program.

    Additional Resources: Contractor Confidentiality Agreement

  • EmPower Contractor Network

    The Washington Gas Maryland Existing Home Program offers rebates for high efficiency natural gas equipment to Maryland customers who reside in an existing home or multifamily property in order to encourage the installation of energy efficient equipment, reduce energy use, and save money on customers’ utility bills.  Only Participating Contractors in the EmPOWER Contractor Network will be able to connect Maryland residential customers with high efficiency rebates  for home heating, water heating, and appliance equipment. Participating Contractors will also submit rebate applications on behalf of customers.

    Program Requirement Overview:

    • Agree to and follow all terms and conditions in the Contractor Participation Agreement
    • Attend one information session about the 2019-2020 Program.
    • Comply with all laws and maintain all appropriate licenses, insurance, permits, registrations and certifications for the work performed. Updates to licenses and insurance coverage should be provided to the program as needed before expiration.
    • Any sub-contractor must comply with program requirements and standards.
    • Complete program training in accordance with timelines.


    To become a participating contractor, apply to join the network by visiting, EmPOWER Contractor Network.

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