Energy Benchmarking is the process of tracking a building's annual energy consumption through the use of a standard metric, allowing building ownership or management to compare a building's energy performance against historical performance and peers.

For property owners (Requestors) or authorized parties within the Washington Gas service territory (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia), Energy Benchmarking reporting could be required.

To support requests with these requirements, Washington Gas is providing an Energy Benchmarking portal that will electronically access and extract usage data and sync the data to U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager .

Requests apply to historical gas consumption data of a building that has multiple, separately metered tenant accounts; and where the building owner is unable to obtain consumption data from all individual tenants (Washington Gas customers). Washington Gas will provide aggregated consumption data to the Requestor under the following terms:

  • A building must have five (5) or more individually metered gas accounts.
  • The Requestor must provide a list of gas meters servicing the building. The Requestor is responsible for the identification of all gas meters serving the building. Consumption data will be provided by Washington Gas without private, personal information that would identify individual Washington Gas customer. The street address of the building is not acceptable.
  • Washington Gas will provide aggregate consumption data (Sum of Therms) of all the accepted gas meters listed on the web form, once full registration has occurred there will be a maximum of 24-35 months historical data available from the date of registration onto the Washington Gas Energy Benchmarking portal.  

Account Setup:

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