Current Cost Of Gas

Current Cost Of Gas

There is no mark up or profit for Washington Gas from its sale of natural gas.  Customers will ultimately pay the price that the company pays for the purchase of natural gas.

Washing Gas files a gas supply charge with the various regulatory Commissions on a monthly basis. It is the price customers pay for gas purchased from us. As a regulated utility, Washington Gas does not profit from the sale of natural gas. The price we pay for gas is passed on to our customers without markup.

For billing purposes, your natural gas usage is expressed in therms. A therm is a measure of the heat energy in natural gas and is approximately equal to the heat content in 100 cubic feet of natural gas, or a Centum Cubic Feet (CCF). Your meter reading (expressed in CCF of natural gas) and an energy content conversion factor determine the total number of therms you use. 

  • November 2019 - $0.4460
  • November 2020 - $0.4537
  • November 2021 - $0.8017

It is important to note that natural gas continues to be the most affordable residential energy source according to the Department of energy.  Natural gas is approximately 1/3 as expensive for customers compared to electricity and approximately half as expensive compared to heating oil and propane.

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