How to read a gas meter and report a meter reading.

How to read gas meterMeters measure how much natural gas you use, and monthly bills are based on that usage. The date of the next scheduled meter reading appears on your gas bill, along with the current and past meter readings and dates.

We test and replace meters according to the requirements of the Public Service Commissions in our service territories. Washington Gas owns and maintains all natural gas pipes up to and including the meter and requires that the meter and area around it be easily accessible. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide easy access to the meter.


Reading Your Own Meter

If we are unable to gain access to the meter, we may leave a postage-paid meter reading card. If you receive one of these cards, please record the meter reading on the card and mail it to us the next day, or call us at 844-WASHGAS with your reading. Customers also may submit the meter reading online by logging in to the Customer Portal homepage. If you have a digital meter, simply record the numbers displayed.

To read a meter with dials, please do the following:

  • Starting with the left dial on the row of four, locate the dial hand and record the last number it has passed (taking note of the direction of the arrow on the dial).
  • If the hand is between two numbers, record the lower number. If one hand is directly over a number, record that number.
  • Continuing to the right, follow the same procedure for the three remaining dials.


 How to read gas meter dials

The complete meter reading from left to right is 9587.

Remote Meter Reading

Many meters in our service territory are equipped with an automated meter reading device that combines radio and computer technologies to allow us to read your meter remotely. However, certain conditions can block the transmitted signal, so the meter reader may need to be closer to obtain the reading. If your meter is equipped with this automated technology, we occasionally will require access for testing, replacement or repair.

Estimated Readings

Sometimes it is necessary for us to estimate readings, especially if we cannot gain access to your meter or if the automated device is not transmitting. Bills are estimated based on historical usage, weather conditions and the length of the billing period. The next time an actual meter reading is obtained, your bill will be adjusted for any difference between what you were billed based on the estimate and the actual usage shown by the meter reading. You will know that your meter has not been read if you see Estimate after the words Current Reading on your gas bill. If you have a concern regarding the accuracy of your meter, please call us at 844-WASHGAS.

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