Billing Status

You may buy natural gas from Washington Gas, a regulated utility, or from a licensed energy supply company of your choice. Washington Gas delivers the gas through its system of pipes to your home no matter which company sells you natural gas.

Customer Types and Billing Options:

  • Sales Service Customers buy gas from Washington Gas and receive only one bill from Washington Gas.
  • Delivery Service Customers buy gas from another energy supply company and can receive either one bill or multiple bills. Delivery Service Customers should discuss billing choices with their prospective or existing energy supply company. Delivery Service Customers could be billed in either of the following ways:
    • One bill: This method combines Washington Gas’ charges and the energy supply company’s charges. The bill may be provided by Washington Gas or by the energy supply company.
    • Two separate bills: Washington Gas sends the customer a bill for the Distribution Charge and applicable taxes. The energy supply company sends the customer a bill for the natural gas supply and any other applicable charges.

For more information about purchasing your natural gas from a licensed energy supply company, visit our Customer Choice section.

Rate Schedules

Billing items are covered in the rate schedules that show the amount the Public Service Commissions in our service areas allow us to charge. For copies of rate schedules and general service provisions, visit our Current Rates page to view rate schedules by jurisdiction, or call us at 844-WASHGAS.

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