Why is my usage so high?

Multiple factors can play into high usage, below are some examples:
  • Winter/Colder months can cause higher heat usage
  • Setting thermostat to higher heat setting
  • Increased cooking use of Gas stove/range
  • Increased hot water usage/temperature setting
  • Usage of gas fireplace
  • Installation of a heated pool

Is Washington Gas setting the price of natural gas?

No. Natural gas is a commodity, and its price is determined by the market, based on several factors including production, storage, weather, and the economy. When we buy gas on your behalf, we charge you exactly what we paid for it – we are not allowed to mark it up, by regulation of the various Public Service Commissions in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

What can you do to control your gas costs?

Washington Gas offers customers a variety of tools to lower their energy costs through its Washington Gas Cares and Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF) program. Washington Gas customers have access to rebates on high efficiency appliances, insulation, and programmable thermostats and provides access to energy audit opportunities.

How do I read my meter?

If you have a digital meter, simply read the numbers displayed. To read a meter with dials, please do the following:
 Starting with the left dial on the row of four, locate the dial hand and record the last number it has passed.
• If the hand is between two numbers, record the lower number. If one hand is directly over a number, record that number.
• Continuing to the right, follow the same procedure for the three remaining dials.


The complete reading from left to right is 9587.

Why do I have zero usage?

If you are using gas and you know you are using gas and the usage is staying at Zero, then your meter is not registering usage and should be replaced/repaired. Call 844‐WASHGAS (8‌4‌4‌‐‌9‌2‌7‌‐‌4‌4‌2‌7‌) to schedule a Service order to have meter looked at and replaced if needed.

Why is my meter estimated versus actual usage?

Sometimes it is necessary for us to estimate readings, especially if we cannot gain access to the meter or when the automated device is not transmitting. Bills are estimated based on historical usage, weather conditions and length of the billing period. The next time an actual meter reading is obtained, your bill will be adjusted for any difference between what you have been billed based on an estimate and the actual usage shown by the meter reading.

What period is this invoice for?

The “Bill Period” of your charges can be found on the top right of your bill right under your Account Number and the date the bill was generated. Note that the number of days within the period is stated on the right side of the date range.


Where do I mail the invoice, didn't get a return envelope?

If you send your payment in an envelope other than the one we provide, address it to Washington Gas, PO Box 37747, Philadelphia PA 19101-5047. Sending the payment to any other address will delay processing.

Why did I get a corrected bill?

You may receive a corrected bill if corrections are needed after your initial bill. Corrections can include the following:
  • Usage corrections – Estimated reading used was higher/lower than actual reading obtained the following month or from a service order performed technician reading.  The meter is back billed for zero usage readings due to meter malfunction.  The meter was confirmed through testing that it was reading to fast/slow.
  • Move in/Move out – Service start or stop date changes.

Why am I receiving an invoice under the name ’Current Resident’?

Once a customer moves out, the account is converted to “Current Resident” for invoicing until the new tenant reaches out to WGL to be placed as the account owner.

Who do I call to relocate my meter?

If you are remodeling and want your natural gas service line or meter moved, call 844‐WASHGAS(8‌4‌4‌‐‌9‌2‌7‌‐‌4‌4‌2‌7‌) at least 8 to 12 weeks before the project starts. This gives us time to schedule a site visit and prepare a written estimate. The relocation fee will depend on the difficulty of the installation.

What do I do if I want to convert to Natural gas?

You can visit Washington to see if Natural gas is available in my area and fill out the application for new services. This application can be found under Services-Home Owners-Get Natural Gas

Who do I call to remove a meter for renovation?

For help disconnecting service or verifying that your home does not have gas utility service:
• Please call 844–WASHGAS and request to have the gas turned off at the meter that services your home, if you are planning to perform construction work on your existing home and need gas temporarily disconnected.
• Please complete the Service Abandonment/Demolition Request Form if your property is connected to the gas utility and you require it to be temporarily or permanently disconnected at or near the property line. This is typically required for renovations impacting the footprint of the house or where a current building will be demolished and replaced. The completed form may be emailed to or faxed to 7‌0‌3‌–‌7‌5‌0‌–‌7‌5‌7‌0. Service abandonment/demolition requests take approximately eight to 12 weeks to fully complete.

How can I review or make changes to my account?

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