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All Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station Operators:  Ravensworth - Advance Notification

Please note that Washington Gas will begin utilization of our Ravensworth Propane Air Peak Shaving facility at approximately 8:00 a.m., on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. The injections of propane air mixture to supplement our normal gas supply will continue until approximately 1 p.m., on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. This notification is primarily intended for the Four Mile Run/Arlington, VA, CNG facilities, based on the gas distribution system served by the Ravensworth Propane Air Peak Shaving facility in Springfield, VA. Please continue to monitor your chromatographs.

Washington Gas will advise you of any changes to the operational details as the weather and gas supply day materialize.

Washington Gas provides this notification as a courtesy to alert our CNG operators of our system operations that may affect their operations, it is important that CNG operators monitor their gas chromatographs to determine if the gas mixture meets their individual facilities requirements for fueling.

 Any issues related to this operation should be directed to the Interruptible Operations Hotline, 703-750-4773.


All Interruptible Operations Are Normal

Customers are reminded to maintain contact with your third-party natural gas supplier for operational instructions specific to your account.

All interruptible customers are mailed an annual interruptible readiness package in September. Packages are sent to the administrative contact on record for each interruptible account.

This package contains important interruptible operations materials including a contact personnel sheet and a verification of equipment readiness form that must be returned to ensure that notifications are received. This information must be kept current to allow us to provide you with notifications related to your account. Failure to update or provide this contact information does not eliminate the need to comply with interruptions or curtailments. Failure to comply with interruptible notifications will result in penalties being assessed.

To update this information, please email or call us at 703-750-4773.

*Disclaimer: This web page is intended for the sole use of Washington Gas' large commercial and industrial customers who maintain an alternate fuel capability for their natural gas service and who receive service from Washington Gas under specific contract provisions.All other customers served by Washington Gas are unaffected by the above information.