There are times when you may need to have the gas service to a property temporarily or permanently disconnected. Furthermore, you may need confirmation that the property does not have gas service. Here is how to get help disconnecting service or verifying that your property does not have natural gas utility service:

  • If you are planning to perform construction work and need gas temporarily disconnected, please call 844-WASHGAS to request to have the gas meter removed and the gas turned off at the meter that services the property. It is imperative that you do not remove and/or discard the existing meter from the property.
  • Complete the Gas Service Abandonment/Demolition Form, if your property is connected to the gas utility and you require it to be temporarily or permanently disconnected at or near the property line. This is typically required for renovations impacting the footprint of the property or where a current building will be demolished and replaced. If this is a temporary disconnect, please be advised that the reconnect will most likely require the installation of a new underground gas service. As a safety precaution, Washington Gas does not put previously existing gas piping back in service. We will need your anticipated gas and pressure requirements to determine the new service and meter size as well as a property plat/site plan of the renovation with the new meter location clearly marked in order to obtain the necessary permits. The replacement service installation is subject to our governing tariff and must undergo the required cost benefit analysis. Please be advised that a cost may be associated with that service.

    Requests to disconnect service are processed in the order in which they are received. Due to the high volume of requests, this process can take a minimum of eight to 12 weeks to complete, so please be sure to plan ahead and call to ensure there is sufficient time to complete the process according to your project timelines.

For more information about gas service abandonment/discontinuance and confirmation of no gas service requests, please click here. You may check the status of your request by emailing Should you have questions regarding the pending new service connection please e-mail


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