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Enjoy the convenience of free, paperless billing with eBill!

  • Payment Options: Ability to view and pay your bill on the Washington Gas website, your bank's website or at
  • Monthly Notice: You'll be notified by Washington Gas or your bill provider when a new bill has been posted.
  • Accessible Anytime: View your bill or make a payment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Less Hassle: No paper bills to misplace, no checks to write and no stamps.

Option 1: Electronic Billing on the Washington Gas Website

Sign up for eBill to begin receiving your monthly Washington Gas bills electronically. It's simple to use. Every month we'll send you an email notice when your new bill has been posted. You can click on the link provided to view your bill online. To enroll in electronic billing, log in to your account and select "Enroll in eBill" from the Choose Your Account Options drop down list.

Option 2: Electronic Billing on Your Bank's Website

You can also now choose to view and pay your Washington Gas bill on your bank’s website. Many area banks offer bill payer options to their customers. This allows you to view and pay many of your bills electronically on one website. To see if your bank participates, go to eBill Place and search the directory.

Option 3: Electronic Billing on

If your bank doesn't participate and you still want to get all of your bills on one website, you can sign up for consolidated electronic billing through Once enrolled there, you can select Washington Gas as one of your billers.

Option 4: eBill Automated Payment Plan

Receive and pay your bill automatically each month through the eBill Automated Payment Plan (EBAP). Washington Gas continues to bill you each month but, on your selected payment date, the amount of the bill will be deducted electronically from your checking account – no check writing, postage or waiting in line. To enroll or learn more, call our Customer Service Line at 844-WASHGAS, download our Billing and Payment Plans Brochure and mail in the application or visit our eService Center.


Additional Information

By enrolling in eBill, you elect to ONLY receive an electronic notification of your bill. You'll no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. After enrollment in eBill, it will take up to two months for your paper bill to be discontinued.

Note: Accounts must remain in a current and active status to continue in the eBill email notification program. Enrollment in this program will be automatically terminated and the delivery of the paper bill reinstated for accounts in the following instances:

  • The gas account goes into discontinuance status.
  • The gas account becomes inactive (i.e. a closed account).

Per regulations, Washington Gas must notify customers via mail when their account is subject to service discontinuance.