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There are several payment options available to help manage your Washington Gas bill.

Budget Plan

The Budget Plan spreads the cost of winter heating over the entire year. We calculate your average monthly payment based on historical natural gas usage, adjusted for normal weather and projected gas costs. Periodically, we review your account to confirm that our monthly estimate is on target. Each month, your bill will show actual gas usage and bill amounts, along with budget installments, so you can review the information. Depending on the time of year, your budget installment may be more or less than your actual monthly usage.

If actual gas costs, weather and/or usage differ significantly from our original estimate, we may adjust your monthly payment to prevent significant charges or credits at the end of your budget year. You may also request an adjustment to your monthly budget payment. If an adjustment to your monthly budget payment is necessary, you will be notified and can decide whether to change your monthly budget payment amount.

Your 12th monthly bill will reflect the last installment of your budget cycle – adjusted for the difference between actual and budgeted gas usage. Overpay­ments are credited to your account unless a refund is requested. If you use more gas than you paid for, you owe the company the difference. This amount will be billed in the 12th monthly bill of the budget cycle.

The Budget Plan is designed as a 12-month program, and we encourage you to stay on it year-round to realize the potential benefits. Remember that continued participation in the plan depends on your ability to make the monthly budget payment. A late payment or failure to pay may result in removal from the plan, and the full amount of the account balance will become due. For information or to enroll, call our Automated Services Line at 703-750-7944 or download the Billing and Payment Plans Brochure and mail in the application. Please have your Washington Gas account number available. Customers outside the local calling area may dial 800-752-7520.

Please call us at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427) if you choose to purchase natural gas from an energy supply company and want to participate in the Budget Plan.

eBill Automated-Payment Plan (EBAP)

Pay your bill automatically every month through the eBill Automated Payment Plan (EBAP). Washington Gas will continue to bill you each month, but, on your payment due date, the bill amount will be automatically deducted from your checking account – no check writing, postage or waiting in line.

An email notice will be sent every month with a link to view your electronic bill. With EBAP, you can select the number of days after billing when you would like the payment to be deducted and you can set a maximum payment amount. If the amount of the bill surpasses the maximum amount, the payment will be suspended to allow the account holder to investigate the charges. Additionally, all program details can be managed online any time, day or night. To enroll or learn more, call our Customer Service Line at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427), download our Billing and Payment Plans Brochure and mail in the application or visit our eService Center.

Automated-Payment Plan (APPL)

Rather receive a paper bill each month? Then pay your gas bill automatically each month through the Automated Payment Plan (APPL). Washington Gas will continue to mail you a statement each month, but, on the due date, the amount of the bill will be deducted electronically from your checking ac­count. If you have questions about the amount of your bill or wish to suspend an automated payment, please call us at 844-WASHGAS prior to 4 p.m. at least three business days before your bill is due. When an automated payment is suspended, other payment arrangements must be made. Also, please notify Washington Gas if you change your checking account. To enroll or learn more, call our Customer Service Line at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427), download our Billing and Payment Plans Brochure and mail in the application or visit our eService Center.

Payment Extension Plan (Residential Customers Only)

The Payment Extension Plan (offered to residential customers only) can extend the due date for customers – typically individuals whose main source of income is a monthly government or pension check – who purchase gas from Washington Gas and receive their bills after the 10th of the month. With this plan, the due date (last day to pay without a penalty) of your current monthly gas bill is extended to the 5th of the next month, making it easier for you to apply a por­tion of your government or pension check to your gas bill. There is no late charge if the payment for your gas bill is received by the extended due date. For details or to enroll, call us at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427).

Remember that it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Washington Gas as soon as possible if he or she is unable to pay for service in accordance with the requirements of the company’s billing practices.

For more information about payment plans, download the Billing and Payment Plans Brochure or call us at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427).

Deferred Payment Arrangement

Washington Gas will work with all of its eligible customers who cannot pay the “past due bill amount” as well as the “current charges” on their gas bill, by entering into a deferment/pay agreement/ or consent order at the request of the customer. Washington Gas will comply with all applicable laws, tariff regulations, or other arrangements Washington Gas enters into with its regulators when extending payment deferments to customers who show a willingness to pay past due amounts. The deferred payment agreement Washington Gas may enter into with its’ customers prevents further credit action on the account, including the assessment of late charges, the sending of reminder and/or turn off notices, and outbound calls, as long as the customer abides by the agreement.


Third-Party Notification Program

The Third-Party Notification Program can help you avoid a disconnection if you are out of town for long periods of time, are ill or have difficulty handling your affairs.

Washington Gas sends a copy of your disconnection notice to a third-party of your choice. The third-party is not responsible for payment, but will be notified about the impending service disruption in time to help you avoid potential disconnection. Call us at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427) for details.

Additional Options for Commercial & Business Accounts

At Washington Gas, we want your business to grow - but only in ways that are most profitable for you. We want to make managing your account and your bill easier.

That's where our commercial account management options come in, with simple and secure ways to help you do everything from summarizing bills for multiple accounts to automating payments and much more.

Multiple Account Manager - Flexible Account Management

Our Multiple Account Manager (MAM) option is specifically designed to help those customers with a large number of accounts to manage. MAM provides a variety of online account management tools to suit your individual company's needs. These tools are designed to save you time and let you concentrate on higher-level strategic thinking.

Features give customers ability to:

  • Upload large numbers of accounts
  • Add custom fields to each account
  • Create, sort and manage account groups
  • Access and download account billing data
  • Pay multiple accounts with one transaction

Visit our eService Center website to set up a profile and get started with the Multiple Account Manager today.

Summary Billing: Many Accounts - One Bill, One Payment

Summary billing is a convenient billing option that consolidates your individual accounts into one summary bill. This bill is sent out monthly and is due on a predetermined date set up during enrollment. You can easily make one electronic payment for all of your accounts. Summary Billing simplifies monitoring your bills by presenting all of the billing information for multiple accounts in one location.

Features include:

  • A billing details file easily uploaded into your accounts payable program
  • One bill for all of your company accounts
  • One due date for all of your company accounts
  • One electronic payment for all of your company accounts
  • A Washington Gas Commercial Specialist to work with you

Enrollment criteria include, but are not limited to, a good payment history, the ability to submit payments electronically and, most importantly, a minimum of 10 accounts.

For additional details or to begin the enrollment process, call 703-750-4293 or email