Service Appointment Guidelines

  • Provide Access to Your Meter If your meter is located inside your house or building, or behind a locked fence, someone over 18 years old must be home during the appointment time to provide access.
  • Provide Access to Your Home/Building If your appointment requires that gas service to your home or building be interrupted, someone over 18 years old must be present to provide access to your natural gas appliances for relighting. If no one is present, we will not be able to turn on the gas service, as it could create unsafe conditions.
  • Reschedule Missed or Late AppointmentsWashington Gas’ goal is to arrive at 100 percent of our service appointments on time. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that can cause a late or missed appointment. Circumstances include, but are not limited to, weather or traffic conditions, a high volume of emergency calls (for safety reasons, these take priority over non-emergency appointments) or prior appointments that run long. If we miss the scheduled appointment time or if the customer is not available to provide access to the meter and/or appliances, and we are unable to return on the same day, we will reschedule for the next available day.
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