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Formal Case No. 1115 - Order No. 17602 

In our ongoing effort to provide you with safe and reliable natural gas service, Washington Gas has begun the first five years of its 40-year plan to replace gas main and service lines in various neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. PROJECTpipes, formerly known as the District of Columbia Accelerated Pipe Replacement Plan (APRP), is part of our ongoing pipe replacement work. The plan was approved by the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia in Order No. 17602.

Through PROJECTpipes, certain portions of our natural gas infrastructure will be replaced in the coming years on an accelerated basis.

  • During the first five years, Washington Gas will replace approximately 8,000 bare and/or unprotected steel service segments, 10 miles of bare steel main, eight miles of targeted unprotected steel main, and 20 miles of low pressure and medium pressure cast iron main in Washington, D.C.
  • Under the 40-year plan, Washington Gas will replace approximately 23,600 bare and/or unprotected steel service segments, 29 miles of bare steel main, 25 miles of targeted unprotected steel main, and all 428 miles of low pressure and medium pressure cast iron main in Washington, D.C.


For All District Residents and Businesses:

You will receive a notification letter prior to the start of construction in your neighborhood. The letter will include the anticipated timeline for the pipeline replacement, contact information in the event you should have a question regarding PROJECTpipes, general information about the construction and any other information specific to your neighborhood, if necessary. Additionally, Washington Gas may coordinate community meetings with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in areas that will have significant pipe replacement on an as needed basis. Please note, pipe replacement schedules may be affected by weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Construction on or in front of individual properties will vary from a few days to longer periods, depending on conditions. We will do our best to minimize disruptions to your neighborhood. In most cases, we will be performing work only during daylight hours. While the work is in progress, our work crews will make temporary repairs to the roadway and sidewalk and will restore your property to an as-found condition. Permanent repairs will be made as soon as possible after all work is completed and will comply with local regulations. Additionally, if lane closures or parking restrictions are required, traffic will be managed through an approved Traffic Control Plan.


For Natural Gas Consumers: 

If you are a natural gas customer living in an area affected by PROJECTpipes, at some point during the replacement work your gas service will need to be turned off for several hours while the construction crew replaces the gas line to your property. Prior to the start of construction, representatives of Washington Gas or contractors working on behalf of Washington Gas will contact you to set up a date to replace your service line.

  • It may be necessary for you to be present to perform this work, particularly if our meter set is inside of your home or business. If we do need access to your property, the on-site representative will contact you in advance to coordinate this work. If your gas meter is outside of your home or business, the replacement of your gas service line does not require you to be present. However, we will need access at some point to turn your gas back on and to relight your appliance(s).
  • If you are not present when the construction crew has completed their work, a card will be left with information and a telephone number you will need to call to have your service restored and your appliances relit.


Cost Recovery:

Costs associated with PROJECTpipes are recovered by the company through a separate line item on Washington Gas customer bills labeled "PROJECTpipes Adjustment." The monthly charge is calculated by multiplying the customer's monthly usage by an annually adjusted factor. For a typical residential heating customer who uses 760 annual therms, the resulting Year 1 cost for the initial 16-month period of the plan will be $9.60 ($0.60 x 16=$9.60) or $0.60 per month. However, the adjustment may vary based on customer rate class. For a detailed explanation of the PROJECTpipes Adjustment calculation, please see the DC Tariff General Service Provision (GSP) 28, Accelerated Pipe Replacement Plan.


PROJECTpipes Hotline:

Should you have questions, concerns or need additional information regarding our pipe replacement activities in your neighborhood or on your property, please call our PROJECTpipes Hotline at 202-624-6400 or email

If you have a natural gas emergency requiring immediate attention, call 911 & 844-WASHGAS (select option 1).

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