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Only natural gas equipment can provide your business with the reliable service, superior performance and cost-effective benefits your commercial business needs. With the high-demand, energy-intensive nature of most commercial operations, natural gas is the environmentally-responsible way to get the reliability and performance your business requires – at a lower cost.


Take a look at some of the ways natural gas equipment solutions can improve business operations below.


Shopping Centers and Retail Facilities

Slow shopping seasons, bad storms, power outages and increased shipping costs and wages are common challenges that affect the retail industry. With an unpredictable environment, the smartest thing a retail owner can do is focus on their energy spend because it directly impacts their bottom line. With benefits such as reliability, efficiency, stable prices and low operating costs, it’s no wonder why most retailers agree that natural gas is the best solution.

When operating a retail store consider solutions such as commercial unit heaters and natural gas backup generators. Commercial unit heaters provide space heat to small, drafty areas with relatively low ceilings and are typically found in the entrance of retail stores to improve customer experience and comfort. Natural gas backup generators can protect your business from store closings due to power outages by providing automatic electricity in the event of a power failure – guaranteed.


Dry Cleaners

Natural gas is arguably the fuel of choice for the dry cleaning industry. Operating a dry cleaning facility requires large loads of energy for water heating, heavy-duty drying and steam production. With natural gas equipment offering the reliability, lower operating costs and energy efficiency needed to be successful, it’s the perfect solution.

By implementing energy-efficient operations and adding features to increase the efficiency of existing equipment, you can achieve substantial energy savings while improving the environment of your facility.

Consider a high-efficiency boiler for water heating and steam production to reduce energy use and costs. Larger facilities may also benefit from gas ventilation units for make-up air and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for on-site electricity generation.


Educational Facilities, Universities and Large Campuses

Managing the energy requirements of educational facilities means balancing operating costs without sacrificing reliability for the health and safety of students and faculty. Energy costs are one of the few expenses that can be decreased without negatively affecting classroom instruction. By implementing energy-efficient measures, along with operations and maintenance strategies, learning centers and campuses can generate substantial energy cost savings while improving the environment of school facilities.

With natural gas equipment solutions, educational facilities can enjoy comfort and reliability and benefit from stable operating costs. Natural gas offers the best energy value and comfort level for space heating, water heating and cooling, and natural gas food service equipment is modern and efficient. Many facilities may also benefit from desiccant dehumidification, humidifiers and Combined Heat and Power (CHP).


Medical Facilities and Hospitals

With frequent, and sometimes around the clock, needs for laundry and sterilization, lab equipment, food service and refrigeration; there’s no doubt that medical facilities require large amounts of energy. When it comes to providing the best energy solution for medical facilities and hospitals, natural gas allows for healthcare facilities to better manage operating costs, improve quality of care and reliability to maintain core services despite adverse conditions while offering the best energy value for heating, emergency generators, humidification and food service needs.

Natural gas service is significantly more reliable than electricity. Hospitals with strong electric and thermal load profiles are also excellent candidates for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) onsite generation and gas cooling.


Office Spaces

Saving energy can significantly support office buildings in improving their bottom line. With many buildings across the country now reaching the age where simple upgrades to new, more efficient heating and cooling systems can significantly lower operating costs, an important consideration when cents per square foot can "make or break" a lease renewal deal.

Consider natural gas heat pumps, dehumidifiers and backup generators when searching for energy-efficient solutions for office buildings and office spaces. Heat pumps provide heating or cooling with a single piece of equipment. When used in moderate outdoor temperatures, heat pumps offer significant operating cost savings and can be less expensive to operate than electric heat pumps in many applications. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air eliminating the need to set thermostats to uncomfortably low temperatures on humid days and natural gas backup generators provide electricity in the inconvenient event of power failure.


Shelter Services

According to the American Gas Association (AGA), 73 percent of lodging facilities in the U.S. use natural gas as an energy source and 50 percent employ it for space heating. The major reasons include lower lifecycle costs, humidity control and a desire for efficient buildings.

Natural gas allows the hospitality industry to maintain energy-efficient, carbon-friendly resorts, without foregoing safety and comfort for guests. Contact Washington Gas for guidance and options for onsite electricity generation to meet peak shaving and thermal energy needs for both heating and cooling. These Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or tri-gen installations can help save on energy costs and harmful emissions by utilizing a single burner tip for electric generation and heating and cooling needs to address laundry, water and space conditioning for both heating and cooling.

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