Arrearage Management Program

Arrearage Management Program

Has the COVID pandemic affected your ability to pay your energy bill? We understand that some of our customers continue to face financial hardships brought on by the pandemic. In response, Washington Gas has launched the Arrearage Management Program (AMP), which provides customers the opportunity to have past due debt forgiven when new bills are paid on time. Our Arrearage Management Program (AMP) can help you avoid additional debt while steadily paying down any past due balances. After successfully completing a 12-month payment plan, you will receive forgiveness for past-due balances. 

AMP assists customers by helping to:

  • Lower or eliminate existing past-due balances. 
  • Bring accounts current.
  • Help manage the budget when costs are rising. 
  • Avoid disconnection.
  • Reduce financial stress

Based on a recent decision by the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia, customers who have been approved by the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) for energy assistance will be automatically enrolled into our AMP program. Accounts automatically enrolled into AMP would then be placed on a Budget Plan, which allows customers to spread the cost of gas bills over the entire year and enjoy peace of mind with predictable monthly payments, for the next 12 months. Following AMP enrollment, you would be responsible for only paying the current budget bill amount on time.  With each month that you pay your budget bill amount, 1/12th of your arrearage balance as of the enrollment into the program will be forgiven.  Upon successful completion of the 12-month budget plan, you will receive forgiveness of the complete amount of your arrearage balance. 

If you have a past-due balance of more than $3,000, you must first bring your past due balance to $3,000 or less. You can do that by seeking other eligible sources of support including visiting Washington Gas Cares at

If you have any questions contact us via email at, via phone at the DC AMP Hotline at 703-750-4399, or via mail at at P.O. Box 57000, Springfield, VA 22150-7000.

We look forward to helping you lower or eliminate your past-due balance with this convenient and easy-to-use program.

Thank you for being a Washington Gas customer.

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