Get Help: Your Virginia Gas Bill

Get Help: Your Virginia Gas Bill

Have you fallen behind on your gas bill and live in Virginia? We care about your situation and are here to help you get assistance from multiple programs offered through the federal government, state-managed programs, Washington Gas and The Salvation Army.

Please note that your first step to receive financial assistance is applying for the Virginia Energy Assistance Program (VEAP). Learn more about the guidelines below.


At a Glance: Virginia Energy Assistance Programs

Virginia Energy Assistance Program (past-due billing assistance)
Washington Area Fuel Fund (past-due billing assistance)
Weatherization Assistance Program (energy efficiency assistance)
Income Qualifying Energy Efficiency Program (energy efficiency assistance)


Virginia Energy Assistance Program (VEAP)

VEAP can help you pay your heating and cooling bills based on factors such as household size and income, heating sources, etc. To learn more and apply, call the Virginia Department of Social Services’ Information and Referral Line at 211 or 800-230-6977, or get more information online.

Learn more and apply (DSS Virginia) 

Learn more and apply (211Virginia) 


Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF)

WAFF is a partnership between Washington Gas and The Salvation Army that has assisted thousands of families in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia with their fuel bills. Regardless of eligibility for other assistance programs, you may still receive help from WAFF by demonstrating proven need.

Learn more and apply for WAFF


Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by local weatherization agencies, WAP provides technical and financial assistance to help low-income renters and homeowners reduce their energy bills and maintain energy-efficient, safe and healthy homes. Through WAP, eligible families receive energy audits performed by and local contractors who also install audit-recommended energy efficiency measures. Typical weatherization measures may include insulation, duct sealing, heating, and cooling systems repairs or replacement, air infiltration mitigation, and installing ENERGY STAR lighting and appliances.

Washington Gas partners with local weatherization agency Community Housing Partners (CHP) to bring weatherization measures to income eligible Washington Gas customers. Visit the Income Qualifying Energy Efficiency Program webpage to learn more or contact CHP via or call (540) 665-0200. 


Income Qualifying Energy Efficiency Program

Washington Gas promotes healthier, safer, more energy efficient homes by working with Community Housing Partners (CHP) Energy Solutions to provide energy audits, health and safety inspections and energy performance upgrades to qualifying Washington Gas customers. These improvements can help lower energy cost, improve energy efficiency, and provide health and safety benefits to the home.

The Washington Gas Income Qualifying Energy Efficiency Program provides no-cost products and professional installation services for homeowners or renters living at multifamily properties or in single-family homes with gas space and/or water heating equipment.

Learn more about the program and find out if you qualify


Bill Management Options

Even if you don’t qualify for the options above, you can still get help with your bill. Washington Gas offers multiple options such as deferred payment arrangements, budget plans, and automated payment plans. Click the Manage My Bill button below to explore your options.

Thank you for being a Washington Gas customer.

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