Natural Gas Safety and Children

ol blueWashington Gas cares about the safety of your children. 

Teach them that hot things can hurt them. Monitor children when cooking and turn pot handles so they do not stick out over the edges of the stove top. To avoid scalding, teach children to test the water in the tub with their finger before getting into the bath. Teach them never to crawl into or play with a clothes dryer. Dryers are no place for family pets either.

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Additional Resources:

The Amazing Fantastic Incredible Story of Natural Gas (grades K - 1) 

This tri-fold brochure is designed for young children in kindergarten and first grade. It contains very basic, easy-to-understand information about the origins of natural gas, how gas travels from the source to their homes, uses of natural gas, as well as key safety and energy-saving tips. The brochure includes fun activities such as a maze, word search and coloring areas.

Early Elementary Lesson Plan for Educators

Natural Gas for Kids

Good Ol' Reliable Blue
 (grades 2 - 6)

This eight-page brochure is designed for children in grades second through sixth. In this brochure, "Ol' Blue," a friendly mascot, guides children through activities around the house, while educating children about natural gas benefits, the importance of energy efficiency to the environment and information about natural gas appliances and vehicles. "Ol' Blue" also provides important safety information.

Elementary Lesson Plan for Educators

Natural Gas Lesson Plan

Ol' Reliable Blue website

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