Natural Gas Grills

Enjoy outdoor cooking all year long with a natural gas grill. Natural gas grills are convenient, versatile and stylish. They can extend enjoyment through summer, spring and fall – and some winter days, too – without the mess and long warm-up times of charcoal, or the inconvenience of propane tanks. Cook at a constant temperature without having to tend to the fire or check propane levels. Special features such as flavorizer bars, side burners, rotisseries, multi-level cooking, flip side tables and food warmers let you create exactly what you're looking for in a grill. With proper maintenance, safe, clean-burning natural gas grills will last for years, saving you the expense of charcoal or propane.


Make sure your grill fits safely and conveniently in your outdoor area, especially if you are considering permanent installation to your existing home gas line.

Ignition and Burners:

Push button igniters produce a spark with each push; knob igniters emit two or three sparks per turn.

Separate burners allow you to control heat better than with just one burner; most grills have at least two. Check that your burners are proportional to the grill cooking area for more efficient and even cooking.

Heat Distribution:

To better distribute heat, use lava rocks, ceramic briquettes, metal plates and metal bars.

Consider a grill that funnels grease away from the burners to be vaporized for enhanced charbroiled flavor while reducing drip flare-ups.

Installation and Mounting Types:

"Quick-connect" natural gas grill hookups let you move the grill when you're not cooking. Post or built-in type grills connect directly to your home's gas line and are permanently located. For those, look for a gas grill that will stand up to the elements.

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It is important to have your gas appliance installed, inspected and serviced by a licensed professional.

We recommend that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed trade professional to install your natural gas appliances. Also, remember to inquire about financing options and rebate and incentive savings on high-efficiency products.

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