When the sun goes down, natural gas lights offer the dependable security and safety of non-shadowed illumination. Casting a pleasing natural light equivalent to a 60-watt bulb, these lights operate without the assistance of electricity. With fuel-saving features built in, optional dimmers or electronic ignitions make them even more cost efficient. Weatherproof and sturdy, they require little maintenance.

Location and Styles:

Consider lighting walkways, entryways and outdoor entertainment areas, especially those with other natural gas products.

From carriage lamps to tiki torches, outdoor gas lights come in many styles.

Ignition and Burners:

For convenience, look for a gaslight that has an electronic ignition and can be turned on and off with a standard light switch. Models with automatic reignite will relight if the flame is blown out.

Mounting Types:

Mount on a wall, on your deck or on a post on your patio. Also, consider installing on the same gas line serving a pool/spa heater or gas grill.

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It is important to have your gas appliance installed, inspected and serviced by a licensed professional.

We recommend that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed trade professional to install your natural gas appliances. Also, remember to inquire about financing options and rebate and incentive savings on high-efficiency products.

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