Natural gas ranges are preferred by the world's best chefs and people who love cooking in their own homes. A natural gas range instantly turns on and off, provides even heat, is easy to clean and offers variable temperature control. With a range of styles to choose from, it's easy to find a natural gas appliance to match any décor.


Many of the new natural gas cooking products use an electronic or spark ignition, rather than a continuously burning pilot light, resulting in energy savings.

Size and Shape:

Natural gas cooking appliances come in many sizes and shapes. Most familiar is the free-standing range, which includes a cooktop and an oven. Also available are built-in gas ranges, which either slide or drop in to a space between cabinets.



Cooktops and Burners:

Cooktop ranges are made of stainless steel or steel coated with porcelain and glass. Modular cook top ranges may have a unit that allow you to pop in a grill, rotisserie or wok. Standard gas range models have four burners but some models have two, five or six burners. Also, some have a grill or griddle unit in the center or on either side of the burners. Sealed burners are popular because they are much easier to clean than open burners.

Clean Up:

Look for appliance features that make clean up easier. These features include removable control knobs, porcelain drip pans under the burners, glass or porcelain back guards (rather than painted), raised edges around the cook top to keep spills under control and seamless corners and edges.



Cost Comparison Source: Operating Costs Chart

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It is important to have your gas appliance installed, inspected and serviced by a licensed professional.

We recommend that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed trade professional to install your natural gas appliances. Also, remember to inquire about financing options and rebate and incentive savings on high-efficiency products.

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