Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters

After heating and cooling, water heating is the next largest energy expenditure in a home. Today’s natural gas water heaters are more efficient than ever. The natural gas flame provides instant heat, allowing a gas model to efficiently heat water twice as fast as an electric model. Choose from two types of natural gas water heaters—storage, the most common type, or the newer, even more efficient, tankless water heaters. Should you decide that switching to gas is the right decision for you, there are opportunities to save even more with gas equipment rebates.  

Storage Water Heaters:

  • Storage water heaters are the most common model used in the U.S.
  • Natural gas storage water heaters offer a ready reservoir of hot water – from 20 to 80 gallons – and are an economical way to heat water. The units usually consist of a steel tank lined with glass or another anti-corrosive material and require very low maintenance.
  • Because installation is relatively simple, they are a good choice for homes converting to a natural gas water heating system offering the homeowner many installation and location choices.




Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Natural gas tankless water heaters heat water on demand only as you use it and operate without the need for a storage container, or tank.
  • A tankless water heater only works when there is a demand for hot water. The hot water tap operates like an ignition key, triggering the burners as cold water enters the heater. 

Cost Comparison Source: Operating Costs Chart

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It is important to have your gas appliance installed, inspected and serviced by a licensed professional.

We recommend that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced, licensed trade professional to install your natural gas appliances. Also, remember to inquire about financing options and rebate and incentive savings on high-efficiency products.

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