Refrigerated Trailers Ensure Fresh Food for Residents in Need

Refrigerated Trailers Ensure Fresh Food for Residents in Need

July 3, 2023

On June 30, Washington Gas and the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council (FEC), an Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI) initiative, introduced two new cold storage trailers in Calverton and Laurel, MD. The partnership purchased, upgraded, and designed a wrap for the refrigerated trailers that will enable food assistance providers and food pantries to distribute more fresh food to residents in need.

This project builds on the success of a similar project and partnership that, via funding from Washington Gas, brought three trailers to county-based non-profit organizations in 2021. Seeing the impact and success of this work, Washington Gas was eager to continue these important investments.

“We applaud our partners at the Prince George’s County Food Council for their innovative approach of adding cold food storage capacity to better meet the critical needs of our community,” said Blue Jenkins, President of Washington Gas. “We began this partnership in 2021 because of the on-going food insecurity needs throughout the region and found it fitting to continue being a part of such a spectacular initiative. We are proud to be a part of the solution, along with other funders, non-profit partners, and local and state governments.”

At least four neighboring organizations will share the two new 48-foot trailers. Participating organizations will work together to purchase perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy stored in the shared refrigerated space. The trailers create an opportunity to distribute fresh and healthy food to underserved and vulnerable families. The new space helps increase the amount of food that can be stored and distributed while reducing the amount of perishable food wasted due to insufficient cold storage space.

“In addition to addressing the growing trend of food insecurity, this project serves as a proof of concept for future innovative food system infrastructure projects,” said IPHI President and CEO Michael Rhein. The two non-profit partners consider the project a way to strengthen their capabilities and build a better safety-net system for local clients. Rhein added, “We will continue to work with partners to share best practices, develop additional cold storage solutions, and increase the distribution of healthy, fresh food in Prince George’s County.”

Although food insecurity skyrocketed three years ago when the pandemic started, county residents are still struggling. Fluctuating food prices and cuts to pandemic-era emergency allotment have continued to strain food pantries throughout the county. Food pantries are distributing more food and serving more clients than prior to the pandemic, which calls for more food and infrastructure to distribute food.

Washington Gas will continue its support of the immediate and long-term food security needs, part of the company’s wider giving strategy supporting social service organizations throughout the region. Funding for this project went towards purchasing and upgrading the two trailers at Kingdom Fellowship AME Church and the Tabernacle Church of Laurel. Funding was also used to hire Whitney Frazier of WGF Studio, a local artist who designed and painted the outside of the trailers.

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