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Home builders can receive customized cost-saving solutions to get your new construction homes sold.

Area residents want natural gas. For builders, this means an increased demand for your property. For customers, it means cost savings, efficiency, convenience and comfort.

If you have a residential project with three or more homes and you’re interested in natural gas, contact the Washington Gas Sales Team early in the planning process. They are ready to meet with you to discuss your project’s energy needs, provide you with customized cost-saving solutions and move you through each phase of the process to get your project sold.

Learn more about getting natural gas for your residential project

Washington Gas - Large Residential

Washington Gas offers a range of services to help facilitate the process of including natural gas in residential projects.  A listing of those services can be found below.

  • Construction Heating

    Heat your construction site with natural gas. It saves money, time, resources and, best of all, it's easy.

    With natural gas construction heating, you save time and effort by avoiding the inconvenience of scheduling propane deliveries and continually moving propane tanks back and forth, floor to floor, to heat your work site. No more lost time, manpower or money.

    When you apply for your permanent natural gas service line, let us know that you would like to take advantage of natural gas for your construction heaters.

    Natural gas construction heating:

    Saves Money

    • Natural gas costs less than propane.
    • You pay only for what you use.

    Saves Time

    • No time lost scheduling propane deliveries.
    • No time spent moving propane tanks.
    • Natural gas is always available.


    Assures a Better Allocation of Resources

    • Cranes can be used for construction, not moving propane tanks.
    • Resources aren't needed to monitor fuel usage.

    It's Easy

    • Flexible hosing goes anywhere on site from the utility meter.

    Here's How It Works

    Washington Gas provides permanent underground gas service and a meter at a specified location on your job site. You or your subcontractor utilize flexible hoses, gas laterals or risers (either temporary or those to be used for the permanent gas loads) inside the building. The hoses connect to your portable heaters for temporary heat wherever and whenever you need it. Because gas is always available—instantly ready any time of day or night—monitoring your fuel supply isn’t required.

    To assure that Washington Gas meets your construction heating needs, contact us well in advance to apply for your permanent gas service line, allowing sufficient time to install the service. If you are renovating an old building that has an existing riser in place, you may be able to use the existing riser during construction, so we recommend contacting us before having the riser removed. We’re ready to help you plan ahead so you get the full benefits of natural gas heating during construction.

  • Disconnect Service

    There are times when you may need to have the gas service to a property disconnected. Furthermore,  you may need confirmation that the property does not have gas service. Learn the steps to disconnecting service or verify that your property does not have gas utility service here

  • Meter Set Process

    If you have one meter that you would like to get set, call 844-WASHGAS. Please be sure to have your account number available to help our customer service representatives facilitate your request.

    If you have a larger project with multiple meters that need to get set, email the Meter Set Process Form to the Contractor Services Desk at or call 202-624-6475.

    Please be advised it may take up to seven days to set the meter. Prior to meter set, please make sure the following items are completed; incomplete items could cause a delay and/or the appointment to be rescheduled.

    Prior to setting the meter:  

    • The interior gas piping (house line) must pass a county/city inspection. The Washington Gas meter installer will need to see an inspection tag from the county/city inspector.
    • All interior gas lines must be valved and capped (at the point nearest to the appliance.
    • The house line must be connected to the meter bar.
    • 2psi house lines must have maxitrol regulators installed with outlets plugged or capped off.
    • Permanent address and/or lot number must be clearly marked. You can mark with a tag hanging on the meter bar or write the address on the bar and / or electric panel box with a marker. 
    • Building must be unlocked and provide safe access and / or POC on site.
  • Service Territory

    Washington Gas’ service territory includes Washington, D.C. and counties in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Local Code Authority

    All gas-fired products sold and used in the U.S. are covered by a variety of certification standards, building codes and local requirements. Contact the code authority in your area to confirm that the products you choose meet requirements.
  • Call Before You Dig

    When planning any type of construction, home improvement or landscaping project that requires digging or excavating, contact 811 to notify the underground utility line locating service before you are scheduled to begin the project.

Learn more about the natural gas appliances available.

  • Home Heating

    Today's high-efficient natural gas heating systems–now up to 96 percent efficient–will keep your customers warm and comfortable on the chilliest days. Learn more

  • Water Heating

    Today’s natural gas water heaters are more efficient than ever. The natural gas flame provides instant heat, allowing customers to efficiently heat water twice as fast than an electric model. Learn more

  • Ranges

    Natural gas ranges are preferred by the world's best chefs and people who love cooking in their own homes. A natural gas range instantly turns on and off, provides even heat, is easy to clean and offers variable temperature control. Learn more

  • Fireplaces

    Natural gas fireplaces simulate the look of a real wood – with none of the hassles. Learn more

  • Dryers

    The more laundry you do the more you'll appreciate a natural gas dryer. Unlike electric dryers, natural gas dryers provide instant heat. Learn more

  • Generators

    With a natural gas standby power generator, when electricity is lost – day or night – your customers can be assured that their home will still have power. Learn more

Eco-Builder Program

The builder/developer community plays a significant role in our success at Washington Gas. To express our gratitude, we’ve created the Eco-Builder Program -- a set of customizable marketing tools to help you market your project, reach new customers, and boost sales. These tools are available to you at no charge, provided that your project is using natural gas for heating and hot water.

Think of the Eco-Builder Program as an extension to your existing marketing efforts: we will work with you to create marketing materials that are consistent with your current branding strategy, while promoting the benefits of natural gas that your property offers.

Renters and home-buyers alike prefer natural gas appliances for the comfort, reliability, cost savings and environmental benefits they provide – which is all the more reason to work with Washington Gas to get your properties rented or sold!

Available Eco-Builder Program Offerings

Free Advertising in Energy of the City Magazine

Energy of the City is published annually, and is available in both print and web versions. It is distributed at 25 Metro Stations and 14 Whole Foods Markets throughout our service area, giving you great exposure to potential customers interested in a natural gas lifestyle.

Project signage and banners

Take it to the street with our custom signage program. Washington Gas will work with you to create custom community signage that suits your project’s unique needs. Signs include banners, building wraps and posted ground signage, as well as enhancements to you existing signage.

Sales video

Standard two-minute promotional video praising the benefits of the energy-efficient lifestyle that your property has to offer, available in DVD or high definition video.

Personalized promotional items

Give a gift your visitors and new residents will remember. Whether a household item for your new residents to enjoy, or a free gift for visitors, your guests will be reminded of the cost saving, eco-friendly benefits of natural gas available at your property.

Product handouts and brochures

Designed to complement your development's existing marketing efforts, these handouts and brochures are designed to highlight all the benefits of natural gas your property has to offer.

Please note that this offer is only available to projects that use natural gas for heating and water heating. Ready to get started? Complete the Eco-Builder request form below, or call 703-750-4234 today!

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