How much do you know about the energy that keeps your home warm and your lights on?

Chances are, like most of us, you’ve got a lot to learn. Take our fun quiz to see how you measure up.


1. What countries are the world’s top three oil consumers?
2. Is the U.S. a net exporter or a net importer of refined petroleum products?
3. How many barrels of crude oil does the United States produce per day?
4. To what four countries is the majority of Alaska’s oil exported?
5. How many homes could current U.S. wind power resources provide energy for?
6. How many wind farms did the U.S. have at the start of last year?
7. Which U.S. state produces the most coal?
8. How much energy does the U.S. get from coal?
9. How much natural gas does the U.S. have?
10. How much natural gas does it take to produce 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity?
11. What percentage of U.S. homes use natural gas?
12. Which three states produce the most solar power in the U.S.?
13. What is another name for solar panels?
14. What percentage of the world’s deserts would have to be covered with solar panels to supply all of the planet’s electricity?
15. How many nuclear power plants are there in the U.S.?
16. When were the oldest nuclear reactors in the U.S. built?
17. What is ethanol?
18. What percentage of ethanol does most U.S. fuel contain?
19. Which two' sectors of the U.S. economy together account for more than half of the country’s energy consumption?'
20. How much of U.S. energy consumption do renewable sources account for?



1. United States, China, and Japan
2. Exporter
3. 8.9 million barrels
4. South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan
5. 15.5 million
6. 560
7. Wyoming, by far
8. 39%
9. 2,214 trillion cubic feet of natural gas is recoverable
10. 1,000 cubic feet
11. 61%
12. California, Colorado, and Connecticut
13. Photovoltaics
14. 4%
15. 62
16. 1969
17. An alcohol fuel made from plants like corn, sugar cane, and grasses
18. Up to 10%
19. Industrial and transportation
20. 10%

What’s your score?

6 to 10 correct: You’re keeping the lights on.
11 to 15 correct: You’re burning the midnight oil.
16 to 20 correct: You’re en-light-ened.

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