Volunteers from Washington Gas have been busy recently as they provided service to our area communities.

Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) Maryland Food Distribution

Washington Gas volunteers assisted the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) in providing produce and positivity to 279 households in Maryland. These hard-working folks made it happen by setting up tables, distributing boxes, assembling food bags, organizing produce and passing out hot meals – provided by SevaTruck – to Prince George’s residents waiting in line.

Volunteers distributed 279 boxes of food, including 90 canned produce boxes, 185 fresh produce boxes, 200 bags of food and more than 500 bags of grapes. Each household received a box of food, a box of produce and two bags of grapes, with bonus grapes to go around.

It was great to support our Maryland communities!

2022 Special Olympics DC Summer Games

Washington Gas volunteers also joined forces again this year to support the 2022 Special Olympics DC Summer Games. This inspiring annual event helps those with disabilities to build athletic ability, confidence and self-esteem through the joy and challenge of sports.

The Summer Games are conducted just like the international Olympics and include track and field, tennis, soccer, bocce and volleyball. Our volunteers were on the scene to facilitate numerous athletic events with big smiles and willing hearts, helping to make the day a huge success.

Special Olympics DC conducts three annual, multi-sport championships that embody the spirit, dignity and traditions of the Olympic movement. Volunteers are always welcome and create a vital network that helps make events successful.

We’re very proud of our Washington Gas family. Thank you for all that you do.

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